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Girl in the Woods

Back to
the Land.


The mud will wash off, but the wisdom, and the memories, won't. 
We are the counter culture. 

Oh hey! It's Jamie again. Owner of Camp Northern Lights, but most importantly, I'm Momma to two amazing girls. To say the last two/three years have changed my perspective on how I want to raise my children is an understatement. While being mostly appalled at human behavior, it's inspired me to dig deep, reset my priorities, and find my community. The small village of people who are going back to the land, forward to simpler and, dare I say, better days. Gardens +  bee hives, homeschool + bare feet. The counterculture to the busy and bustling; we're going back home.

All these thoughts I'm having, books I'm reading, communities I'm blessed to be a part of have inspired this CounterCulture line. I wanted to create something to help spread encouragement and strength. The mud will wash off, but the wisdom won't, and the memories, won't.

Thank you so very much for your support in this mission. xo

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